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Sports Factions

Waggrakine has four factions. These have been named using the Wajarri words for animals found in our area.

Our Year 7 House Captains for 2012

Winjee - Bat - Yellow

Winjee, Winjee
Scream and shout,
We’re going to hypnotize ‘em,
Paralyse ‘em,
Knock ‘em out,
Hit ‘em high, (clap twice)
Hit ‘em low, (clap twice)
Come on Winjee let’s go,go,go.

Jidee Jidee - Willy Wag Tail - Blue

Sittin’ on a grandstand,
Beatin’ on a tin can,
Who can,
We can,
Nobody else can,
Jiddee Jiddee.

Jindarndee - Grasshopper - Green

Grasshopper, grasshopper,
Leaping ahead,
Jindarndee, Jindarndee,
Knock ’em dead,
Sock it to’em,
Sock it to ‘em,
We don’t mind,

Karra - Spider - Red

Sock it to ‘em,
Sock it to ‘em,
Doin’ fine.
Karra, Karra,
Is the best,
Leading the way from all the rest,
Redback, Redback,
Spinning away,
Come on Karra,
Let’s lead the way

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