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School Admin Team

Principal: Lis Turner (on leave in 2015), Zoei Nixon acting principal
Deputies: Diane Suckling, Mandi Ostaszewskyj, (Zoei Nixon acting Principal in 2015) Brenda Wann
Coorporate Services manager: Carol Anne White
School Offices: Marina Fowler and Michelle Tazewell
Phone: 99381132
email: inquiries goes to all of the above inboxes


Currently our intake area is all housing north of the chapman river, as we are full we can only take local intake students from within these boundary areas. Contact the school office for further enrolment information.


We value daily home reading and revision of core skills such as spelling or mental maths, black line master type homework is not encouraged or valued. Reading everynight to and with your child is the most valuable way you can support their ongoing schooling and talking with them each day about what they are learning.


Classlists go up at the beginning of each year the weekend before students start the new year. As Waggrakine has grown each year for the last 6 or more years by at least a class a year it is not possible to have class lists finalised the year before due to ongoing new enrolments and leaving students.

Leaving students

If you know you are leaving the school please let the office know to assist with our forward planning especially if you know you are leaving at the end of a school year.


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